Girls Varsity Volleyball · Player Spotlight: Olivia Armbruster

Our player spotlight for the SFHS Fall sports season goes to Junior Olivia Armbruster as a representative of the Bulldog Varsity Volleyball team. If you haven’t already, make sure you come out and support our team at their next home game. Make sure you look for Olivia who will be wearing the number 21 on her jersey. Olivia has been playing volleyball for 5 years as a setter. As a setter on the volleyball team, her responsibilities include calling and assisting plays for the offensive hitters.

Her favorite part of the sport is when the whole team is hyped, full of energy, and obviously pulls off a win. If she could pick any position other then setter, she would want to be a libero.

Some of her favorite volleyball terms are:

“pancake” -when a player gets the ball up by diving and using a flat hand against the ground.

“shmacked” -hitting the ball hard.

“tooled” -when the ball comes off the blockers hands.

Olivia is happy and excited about sharing her volleyball experience with her sister, Kailee Armbruster, who is on the freshman team.